Etail Europe 14 (past event)

22 - 24 June, 2014

Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London, United Kingdom



eCommerce Security

According to Jacob Hawkins, VP, Ecommerce, Aeropostale, many retailers today need to get back to the basics of what makes good ecommerce. It’s easy to get lost in technology innovations and new techniques that seem to arise daily, but when times are bad, when the economy is down (which he says it still is), people rely on the fundamentals. If you don’t have good fundamentals, you won’t weather the storm. According to Jacob, these basics rest on 5 P’s. Curious what they are?

Web Analytics

Brian Tilzer is the VP of E-Commerce and Business Development at, one of the U.S.'s largest ecommerce retailers and a company known for one of the most successful e-commerce platforms operating today. In this exclusive Q&A, he talks to eTail about how Staples first implemented its ecommerce strategy, how that's evolved and focusing on web analytics has advanced the business. He also gives us his thoughts on how e-retailers and consumers are getting smarter and the one most important thing big box retailers should look to for e-commerce success.

Internationalisation: Expanding Your Brand Across Borders and Channels To Capture Market Share

Managing a cross-border eCommerce business brings many challenges on many different levels as merchants make decisions on the best route to market and ways to localise their offering. Digital Boardroom hosted and facilitated a series of discussions with a group of eCommerce decision makers who are all embarking on an international eCommerce roll out. This white paper is a summary of the discussions which were based around: ► Building a global strategy that can be executed locally ► Identifying and testing appetite in new international markets ► What are the big challenges when entering new unknown markets? ► Phasing and resourcing for international roll out ► Customer experience: Is it better to localise or centralise? ► What levels of translation are compulsory to achieve greater market share and which are optional? ► Facilitating a local marketing team managing content ► Balancing your brand promise against warehousing, distribution and returns in different regions ► Increasing the agility of your infrastructure to aid your expansion.

Digital Boardroom Customer Experience White Paper

SecretsTo Building A Seamless User Experience Across Channels

eTail Europe 2014 Attendee List

Why our attendees chose eTail Europe Over Other Industry Events? Why Our Attendees Chose eTail Europe Over Other Events? 1) Value: 3 Days, 50 sessions, 80 International Speakers, 200 actionable takeaways 2) Most Senior Conference In The Industry: 85% of speakers are at a eCommerce Director level or above. Hear from the people making real decisions 3) Highest Ratio Of Retailer’s To Vendors In The Industry: Meet and network with your peers by having a ratio of at least 2 Retailers to each solution provider 4) Leading eCommerce Event In The US Since ’99 : Now adapted to Europe and has been running for 6 years with 700 attendees in 2013 5) Truly International Event: 26 countries represented in 2012 6) The Most In-Depth Hottest Topics: Made for the industry, by the industry due to 9 months of research, organization & planning 7) Strong Reputation: 93% of 2013 attendees would recommend eTail Europe to their colleagues

E-Commerce in Russia - The Domestic Online Retail Market

A 430-page report on one of tomorrow’s largest e-commerce market in Europe -Reliable and precise data on the market and its different segments with forecasts and trends to 2020 -A thorough analysis of consumer practices, preferences, and expectations -"The Russian payment jungle:" An overview of payment methods with practical advice to Russian and foreign merchants -In-depth analysis and practical  advice on the most sensitive operational issues, from marketing, to order fulfillment, to HR and legal aspects

E-Commerce in Russia - Cross Border Sales

The first ever in-depth report on a market that nearly doubles in size every year! -Market numbers, trends and forecasts -User expectations and cross-border marketing strategies -Customs rules and legal aspects -Detailed analysis and practical advice on all operational aspects: customs clearance, shipment, payments -Market players and service providers

15 Emerging Omni-Channel Trends

Omni-channel commerce, or uniting online and traditional brick-and-mortar channels and operations, has finally become a reality for some retailers in recent years. Many retailers who currently do not ahve an omni-channel solution in place are looking implement one in the coming years. With omni-channel still being one of the major buzzwords in the online retail industry, here are fifteen emerging omni-channel trends.

How Enterprise Data and Tag Management Boost Conversion & Revenue

According to a recent Forrester Research study, brands that invest in Ensighten Manage boost their ROI by 525%. We know, this is a high number. But decent returns can be gained by taking a few simple steps. What if you could do just a few things to boost ROI by 200%? Ensighten's approach to enterprise data and tag management allows marketings to use marketing technologies to their fullest extent, without IT limits. This ebook will help you get there.

Millenials & Entertainment

As Millenial spending and content consumption continues to increase, companies must seek new methods for maintaing consumer connections, brand relevancy, and revenue generation. Understanding how Millenials - their identities, self-perceptions, and values are driving evolution and revolutions in technology, communications, and connectivity, and demanding change in entertainment, media, and conent distribution is essential.

3 Keys to improving your customers checkout experience

In this whitepaper, Kath Pay, Marketing Director of cloud.IQ, describes the three keys to improving customers' checkout experience. Using Dr. B.J. Fogg's behavior model (FBM), the starting points are described as 1. Building up customer motivation 2. Making it easy to act and 3. Asking for action at the right time. Download this whitepaper for an in-depth look at how to better deliver your customers' chekout experience.

Retail Abandonment & Email Re-Engagement Benchmark Report

This report benchmarks the scale of the abandonment problem in retail and the success of email re-engagement campaigns through Q1 2014 in the UK. Targeted email re-engagement campaigns - sending personalised emails to those who abandon inviting them to complete their transactions - have continously proved to be the best way to reopen the channels of communication with these warm leads and recover those otherwise perished sales. Download this report to learn more.

eTail International Delivery Report 2014

In April 2014 we canvased the industry and spoke to a range of eCommerce experts made up primarily of heads and directors of eCommerce, as well as CEOs, marketing directors and other senior level retail professionals. The following report is a combination of this research and in-depth interviews.

Mobile Payments

In this video, Dominic Venturo, Chief Innovation Officer at US Bank, discusses how true mobile payments in a contactless way aren't where they need to be, but can and will be elevated through a mixture of added products and services like coupons, rewards and loyalty programs. Watch this video to hear more of Venturo’s insights about payment trends and this upcoming market segment and to understand what's needed today in order to be ready for tomorrow.

Website Optimisation

In this live recording from eTail, Charlie Cole, Vice President of Online Marketing for Lucky Brand Jeans, discusses how to harness the data stream of customer purchases through website optimisation to drive higher conversion and make better merchandising decisions. A customer's purchase pattern can be the key to increasing conversion from that specific customer, and Lucky has implemented systems to capitalize on this valuable data. Watch the video to learn best practices in this increasingly key area of ecommerce.

Email CRM

In this interview, Kathy Hecht talks about building a email CRM strategy that leverages relevant offers and addresses customer needs. She also gives insight to how companies can use personalization to differentiate from their competitors.

European eCommerce Trends

Download The eTail European Trend Report For Multi-Channel Retailers

House of Fraser - Customer In-Store Experience

Download The Q&A: House of Fraser on What Customers Want & Expect from the In-Store Experience

House of Fraser On Social Media Successes

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eTail Europe 2013 Post Show Report

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